Member Protection Policy and Police Checks

This policy is applicable to all persons participating in all activities conducted by Yachting SA and our affiliated sailing clubs and class associations. 



Yachting South Australia is committed to providing an environment that is safe for all participants.

Yachting SA will not abide a criminal act of child sexual mistreatment, which occurs when a child (defined as a person under the age of 18 years) has been exposed or subjected to sexual behaviours or acts which are exploitive and/or inappropriate to his or her developmental level.  Such behaviour involves a wide range of sexual activities which exploit children and includes forcing, tricking, bribing, threatening or pressuring a child into sexual activity.

This Member Protection Policy conveys a message about minimising risk exposure to all member clubs and class associations responsible for activities involving vulnerable persons, especially those under 18 years of age.  Coaches, officials, athletes and management personnel have a responsibility to provide safeguards dedicated to the well-being all members under their control and guardianship.

The abuse of children and other vulnerable persons, by other members or external sources, is not acceptable and Yachting SA encourages all incidents of such abuse as described above to be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities.



This policy applies to:

 - Employees of Yachting SA

 - Board Members of Yachting SA

 - Participants in activities and events held by Yachting SA

 - Coaches

 - Officials

 - Volunteers

 - Spectators

 - Sponsors or other business entities

The Policy Document is not intended to be, nor should it be relied upon as, a substitute for legal or other professional advice.
A copy of the full Policy Document can be viewed at the link below.


The Play by the Rules website (link below) provides further information and online training about how to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse for the sport and recreation industry.Play by the Rules is a partnership between the Australian Sports Commission and all State/Territory sport and recreation and anti-discrimination agencies. 



The system for obtaining Police Certificates follows:

  • Yachting SA, a club or other group may request to sight a current National Police Certificate before permitting any volunteer or paid staff to work directly with youth, disabled persons or any other members.

  • Yachting SA as a registered Volunteer Organisation may provide an Authorisation Number (VOAN), issued by SAPOL, which will enable a sailing club volunteer/ staff member to obtain a National Police Certificate at no charge.

  • Only approved club members may access the YSA authorisation number and the charge free facility.

·         Yachting SA, a sailing club or other group may sight your National Police Certificate and may record basic information and should not keep a full copy without your consent.
I trust this will clarify most queries that you may have in relation to Police Checks.
Club and class officials and members should contact the Yachting SA office for further information.


Yachting SA Child Protection Policy recommends that clubs should sight a National Police Certificate before permitting any volunteer or paid staff to work directly with youth, disabled persons or any other members and should request a new Police Certificate at least every three years.

Yachting SA will provide an "assessment service" for any club which requires, for reasons of confidentiallity, that an external assessment be made of members Police Certificate and YSA will provide recommendations to a designated club official.  In this case the YSA Executive Officer and at least one Board Member will review the Police Certificate document submitted by a Club volunteer and provide a written assessment to the Club official.

Yachting SA has negotiated for Sport SA to provide a Review Service, should a Club volunteer dispute the decision of a Sailing Club Official or the Yachting SA assessment panel.  Sport SA will provide one free consultation for each dispute and charge a fee if further negotiation is required. 
Individual sailing clubs and other groups can determine their own club/group policy, however, the Yachting SA policy can be referred to by a club as conforming to that policy.
Please direct Enquiries to the Australian Sailing SA office:
Phone: 8346 1934 (9:00am to 5:00pm weekdays)
Mobile: 0449 757 428 - Ian Leeson, Regional Manager
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